Automobile Dealer Franchise Agreement

As a representative of a major brand or „brand“ of a vehicle, you are expected to meet certain standards of quality, integrity and efficiency. In return for and in return for the significant financial investments your company must make to meet these standards, you expect your vehicle supplier to provide an agreed level of support to your business. All of this is detailed in the terms of your dealer agreement. Your business agreement also contains details about the ownership and management of your point of sale and covers issues such as business and administrative practices, contract duration, and contract termination. Some contracts are of indefinite duration (i.e. they do not have a fixed duration), others have a fixed duration, usually at least five years. You and your supplier are free to terminate the contract by entering into an agreed notice period. In some cases, for example in the event of a serious breach, a contract may be terminated with immediate effect. The National Franchised Dealers Association, part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF), offers advice and assistance to its members in negotiations with automakers on dealer contracts….