Coca Cola Bottling Agreement

Any sale of voting shares representing more than fifty percent (50%) of the voting rights of a Bottler subsidiary (except to a 100% related company related to an internal corporate reorganization) is made by Bottler or a Bottler subsidiary, unless permitted by Bottler`s CBA. `bottled daughter` means any person who is controlled directly or indirectly by the bottler and who is a party or who is, directly or indirectly, a party to an agreement with the undertaking or one of its related companies for the manufacture of authorised covered beverages; To the extent permitted by law, CCNA Exchange will share the Company`s report with each NPSG member. To the extent permitted by law and in accordance with a mutually agreed confidentiality agreement to meet the confidentiality requirements of each party and the CCNA, CCNA Exchange will share the company`s report with a management representative, selected by senior management of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Association (CCBA) from each of the following bottlers: two participating bottlers and two expanding participating bottlers, who are not members of the NPSG (together, B. the „Bottler FGSA Committee“) and, as the case desired by the Bottler FGSA Committee, with the Executive Director of the CCBA. The Bottler FGSA Committee and the CCNA Exchange will cooperate in good faith to: (a) determine the scope and form of legal publicity of the Company`s report or extracts or summaries thereof to a representative of the management of any expanding participating bottler and a participating bottler who is not represented on the Bottler FGSA Committee; and (b) facilitate such disclosure in a mutually agreed manner, in accordance with a mutually agreed confidentiality agreement. J. Frank Harrison III, President and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Consolidated, said: „We are pleased to announce the signing of a final agreement for a new phase of our previously announced transaction with The Coca-Cola Company. The signing of this final agreement is one of the final steps in our expansion into the State of Tennessee, as once this transaction is completed, the company will hold distribution rights in the significant majority of the Eastern and Central Tennessee territory. We look forward to serving the communities of Cleveland and De Cookeville, including our customers, consumers and new employees there. Subject to the Buyer`s right to purchase: (i) from a finished products cooperative, if the Buyer is a member of such a cooperative and has purchase obligations, or (ii) another authorized supplier of the enterprise described in point 2.9(b) of the CBA, subject to the terms of an applicable delivery contract between the buyer and the authorized supplier of the enterprise (but expressly limited to the volume of purchase, transactions made by the buyer with this authorized supplier of the company before the effective date) is purchased by the buyer of supplier products, as indicated in the NPSG Annual Sourcing Plan and sourcing requirements for the current year. Supplier will provide such products to Buyer in accordance with and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement. The Supplier will make reasonable economic efforts to immediately inform the Buyer of any actual or expected delay in the supply of products. See Figure B for demand and supply management between suppliers` regional production sites and distribution centers for buyers and regional production sites. The company also manufactures its own well syrups, manages several bottling operations and collects revenue from finished products.

This turnover is classified as a finished product activity. Bottler can Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry, Dr Pepper Ten, caffeine free Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper diet, Dr Pepper Kirsche diet, caffeine free diet Dr Pepper, Kirsch Vanilla Dr Pepper, Die kirsche Vanilla Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Dr Pepper and all other Dr Pepper/Seven Up brand drinks, Inc. .