Dublin City Schools Chromebook Agreement

No, as 9th grade students, they receive a new device. Older devices are recycled for use in tests, primary schools and other areas of need. When students who received a Chromebook in Grade 6 complete their school year in Grade 8, we collect their Chromebooks and as a first year, they will receive a new Chromebook. Chromebooks collected from Grade 8 are distributed to primary schools. If you haven`t received an email, please contact Scott Gill at gill_scott@dublinschools.net Dublin Unified School District offers Chromebooks for a student-friendly check-up if the student doesn`t have access to a single computer or Chromebook at home. No no. The school district owns the devices and will lend them annually to each student. An annual technology cost of $40 is the only payment needed. Families who need financial assistance please send an email, info@dublinschools.net Please check your Ezpay account for payment. Seniors who paid their fees in Grades 9, 10 and 11 do not pay in Grade 12. We are happy to inform you that these students can keep their Chromebook after their senior year so that they can have a device for college and/or their career.

These devices have a long lifespan and can help students in their future. Opening hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10.m-2 p.m. The back to School Portal is now open! Please read the 1-1 contract and pay the $40 Student Technology Fee. Teachers and staff at Johnson Park College are taking reading and math skills to a whole new level this school year. Each school will have charging stations at the media centre, cafeteria and most learning rooms. Check out our overview and find out how to follow the Columbus Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, December 1st. After parents electronically sign the 1-1 (The Back to School Portal) User Agreement, students will receive a Chromebook on the day of their school`s distribution. Please visit your school`s website for this information.

Families have the right to visit a mobile internet hotspot if they don`t have internet at home for their students….