In Agreement Reached By The Council Of Trent Was That

After further unsuccessful negotiations, both with Charles V and with Francis I, the Council was projected indefinitely in the consistory of 21 May 1539 to recreate it at the discretion of the Pope. When Paul III and Charles V met in Lucca in September 1541, the former again raised the question of the Council. The emperor agreed that he would meet in Vicenza, but Venice did not want to agree, after which the emperor suggested to Trent, and then Cardinal Contarini proposed Mantua, but nothing was decided. The Emperor and Francis I were then invited to send the cardinals of their countries to Rome so that the question of the Council could be debated by the College of Cardinals. Morone worked in Germany as legate for the Council, and the Pope agreed to hold it in Trento. After further consultations in Rome, Paul III convened an Ecumenical Council on 22 May 1542, which was to meet in Trent on 1 November of the same year.