License Agreement Analyzer

Annual Subscription License: As part of your choice of annual subscription license, Zoho grants you a paid, non-exclusive, non-transferable global license for the use of licensed software, including user documentation, updates and upgrades to which you are entitled, as well as all plug-ins available to you during the duration of your subscription. , provided that this access and use of the licensed software complies with Zoho`s individual installation license. As part of the subscription license, the licensed software is only allowed for a one-year subscription period. You must renew your license at least 10 days before the end of the subscription period in order to continue using the licensed software. If you do not renew the license, you agree to stop using the licensed software at the end of the subscription period and remove the licensed software from your systems. The following terms are a binding agreement between you and Zoho regarding the use of ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer .A. This end-user license agreement (the „contract“) is entered into by and between INFORMXL INC., a Colorado company („licensee“) and (a) the entity mentioned on the invoice or (b) the entity that activated the software license („licensee“). In addition to all the other terms of this contract, you cannot (i) install a copy of the licensed software on more than one processor; (ii) remove any mention of copyright, trademark or other title to the software or its copies; (iii) make copies, with the exception of a backup or archiving copy, for temporary emergency purposes; (iv) rent, rent, license, sub-concede or distribute the software or part of the software conceded on either part of your application; (v) modify or improve the software conceded; (vi) to use the licensed software in a computer service activity, or to publicly display the visual output of the licensed software or to use the licensed software for the benefit of another person or organization; (vii) reverse engineering, decompilation or dismantling of the software conceded; or (viii) allow third parties to access, use or support the software. This is where EULAlyzer comes in (link below). It scans through long chords and highlights the most important parts that deal with advertising, pop-up ads and personal tracking.

3. Restrictions. The client cannot and must not allow an employee or customer agent to use the services or software components of the Services for purposes beyond the access framework granted in this Agreement. The client may not at any time, either directly or indirectly, and will not allow any employee or customer representative to copy, modify or create derivative works, in whole or in part; (ii) lease, lease, lease, lend, sell, license, sublicensing, transfer or transfer services to a whole third party, unless this agreement expressly allows; (iii) reverse engineering, decomplexation or decompilation of services; (iv) attempting to circumvent or disrupt the security features of the services in one way or another; (v) remove all mentions of ownership of services; (vi) to use the services in any way or for purposes that injurious, abuse or otherwise violate an individual`s intellectual property or other right, or violate the applicable law, regulation or rules; (vii) to use the services in or in connection with the design or operation of a system to be used in conjunction with emergency services; or (viii) to use the services for the purpose of competitive analysis, the development of a competing product or service or other commercial purpose to the detriment of Mimecast.