Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information Agreement

Lockheed Martin has more new opportunities for services provided by suppliers with expertise in certain areas and not by generalists. Let us know your niche skills in your marketing information. Send summary information on concrete business opportunities to Lockheed Martin via email here. Do not send proprietary or confidential information to Lockheed Martin employees without a property information agreement. Opportunities do not always exist in all areas. Lockheed Martin relies heavily on long-term enterprise agreements or implementation agreements to meet current needs. The windows of the occasion can be on an annual basis or up to ten years. My email, along with a statement saying that the information could be confidential or proprietary, was denied. Why is this footnote a problem? Lockheed Martin is looking forward to innovation. Send high-level non-proprietary descriptor information to the text body of an e-mail message here. There is no single procedure for new markets.

Market your business by typing in your company`s marketing information. Each party provides appropriate security measures to ensure that all electronic transmissions are authorized and to protect documents from unauthorized access, modification or loss. Subject to the terms of proprietary information or a confidentiality agreement or, if there is no PIA/NDA, conditions and conditions between the parties governing the purchase and sale of goods, each party will use the same care, but no less due diligence, to preserve the confidentiality of the transfers and documents it would use for its own paper documents of the same nature and meaning. All communications under this agreement are made in writing and are considered to be given if: formal tutoring is conducted as part of a protected mentor contract related to a government contract. Suppliers interested in this program should have a strong history of working with Lockheed Martin to support government contracts. Contact your current program manager to learn about future opportunities and get more information in the mentor-protected field. Participation in business-sponsored events is only by invitation and is generally limited to target group providers. Your marketing information in our database is taken into account when searching for specific niche features.

This AGREEMENT can only be challenged, amended or supplemented by a written agreement signed by both parties, provided the parties can consent to different levels of security. Most opportunities are offered by invitation to enter a competition. Enter your company`s marketing information on the vendor marketing portal. Unique possibilities are published on the Immediate Needs Dashboard on the Lockheed Martin website. React to these unique possibilities, as stated by email here. How long will my information be retained once I have passed on my company`s marketing information? The rule includes a mandatory flowdown clause, FAR 52.203-19 Prohibition of the obligation of certain internal agreements or confidentiality statements (Jan 2017) that Lockheed Martin will include in supplier contracts if necessary.