Red Deer College Collective Agreement

I have been at the university for over 17 years and have worked over the years in various faculty associations at Red Deer College (FARDC). Currently a member of the negotiations and a member as a whole. I am married and have two children from my first marriage, both married and living in Red Deer. I have two stepsons from my first marriage who live in Victoria, BC. I have an eclectic collection of seven grandchildren, two of whom live in Red Deer. I was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for several years before graduating from my BScN at Red Deer College. I like to knit, sew, run and exchange my bike for a Tretrad a few years ago. ACIFA advises and assists in the negotiation and implementation of member associations` collective agreements by assisting in the preparation of collective bargaining. On request, ACIFA negotiates around the table for a member association, advises in negotiations, presents itself as a candidate or present in the arbitration of interest and claims procedures. AciFA also assists and advises member associations in the handling of cases of maladministration. Your new collective agreement was ratified after a vote on Wednesday, March 27. This is a three-year contract with 0% pay increases in the first two years and a reopening in the third year. Like similar agreements across the province, the agreement provides for the possibility of interest rate arbitrage if we do not reach an agreement on a wage adjustment for the third year until November 30, 2019.

This new collective agreement has made a number of changes and improvements. Here are some of the changes that are important to you: This collection is a great resource for students, graduates or anyone who is currently looking for a job. For more information on the collective visit of collective agreements: – a new reference letter to identify the process of temporary and permanent adaptation of the ETP, initiated either by the employee or by the employer; Olds College (2018-2020) Portage College (2019-2021) Faculty Association of Red Deer College (2016-2019) SAIT Academic Faculty Association (2017-2020) – Acting Acting appointment provisions come into force, after a staff member has been appointed and performs the majority of the senior position for a period of 4 weeks, reduced from 6 weeks; You have no less than 10 hours of leave between hours of work, except in extlecant circumstances; Ryan Butler is a representative of the FARDC. He is a professor of biology at the School of Art and Science and teaches first-year biology, elementary physiology and other classes. The leave at Lieu is calculated with the current overtime rate and can now be taken within 6 months instead of 4 months; The language amended to describe the duties of business management advisory committees (EMAC); Position descriptions are now reviewed by the college and existing staff at least every three years; Informational Items for Faculty at Red Deer College Please update your contact information so you don`t miss important trading updates by visiting: – Effective July 1, 2020, Personal Development Funding is increased from $119,280 per fiscal year to $140,000. Posting and downloading documents related to your employment at DRC – Benefits (dental care, advanced health care, LTDI) are mandatory for permanent employees, provided they do not have working time of more than 4 months.