Saddle Hills County Collective Agreement

Your bargaining committee met with the employer on January 16 and 17 and we reached an agreement. We recommend that members ratify this agreement. See below for Highlights of the Agreement or click here [link to MOA] for the full Memorandum of Understanding. Employer union relations: the employer will indicate the right of workers to union representation for disciplinary or investigative meetings and meetings to allow a union representative to participate in the preamble of the extended language on the provision of quality public services in rural areas; with safe and effective operation New article on discrimination, harassment and violence in the workplace – the employer must react within 90 days of filing a complaint Union meetings in The employer`s premises will not intervene in the company Extended Member Information List, 15 minutes on working time for union orientation for new workers Are made available to the union Clear language regarding the purpose and planning of the Personnel Management Board (EMAC) Provisions for members or members in full-time union positions, or other forms of dispute resolution by mutual agreement New language, which is the work of the joint OHS committee in accordance with the legislation `Start of negotiations` Your bargaining team met with the employer , to begin negotiations on your new collective agreement on February 27 and 28 and March 13, click on one of our contributions to see the full requirements of the workstation. You can send your CV by email to or by mail: Fax: 780-864-3904 Email: send or use our contact form. Physical Address: Crossing Highway 49 and Highway 725, Saddle Hills County MailingAddress: RR1, Spirit River, Alberta, T0H 3G0 Surcharge New item to limit the amount that can be deducted by the employer to the amount of an overpayment at 10%/payment without mutual agreement and prejudice Fitness New item, which stipulates that employees must not be assigned to work and that the employer is allowed to carry out drug and alcohol testing in accordance with current legislation: end of the 520-hour overtime agreement as of March 31, 2020 and replaced with 40 hours/week guaranteed for street workers, overtime paid or cheques on each cheque. The employer has the option of introducing a schedule of 10 hours per day at the right time for 4 days/week for public works of other means agreements (longer positions in entitled time with an average of 40 hours/week of rotation per shift) than by mutual agreement. Employees can request flexible hours (for example. (B) change in the length of your lunch break, start and/or end of the hour) Protection of the employer`s current practice, expenses, mileage and accommodation for training, conferences and seminars on the return of seasonal workers: temporary workers entitled to sick leave and benefits after 9 months (vs.