Temporary Entrustment Agreement

C. The Temporary Delegation Agreement applies to intermediation of less than 180 days. (6) The statute provides for a relevant part: exclusive jurisdiction of origin within the territory for which it was created. regarding all cases, cases and procedures concerning: custody, visitation, assistance, control or decision of a child: . Who is the subject of a delegation agreement concluded in accordance with Articles 63.1-56 or 63.1-204 or whose parents rightly wish to be excused from their care and care. Code 16.1-241 (A) (4) (added). 4. The child`s parents, legal guardian, legal guardian or any other person who represents the child in the Loco parentis. However, such disclosure is not necessary if the judge indicates that the identity of the parent or legal guardian is not sufficiently identifiable. A father-in-birth is informed of the procedure if he is a father recognized under section 20-49, paragraph 1, which decides pursuant to Article 20-49.8 or is presumed under Section 63.2-1202, or whether it has registered in the Birth Register of La Virginia in accordance with Section 7 (s. 63.2-1249 ff.).

The mother`s sworn assurance that the father`s identity is not sufficiently identifiable is sufficient proof of this, unless there is other evidence in court that would refute such an affidavit. Failure to register with the Virginia Birth Father Register pursuant to section 7 (No. 63.2-1249 and following) of Chapter 12 of Title 63.2 is evidence that the father`s identity is not sufficiently identifiable. The oral procedure takes place and an order may be made, even if a parent, legal guardian, legal administrator or person in loco parentis does not show up and is not represented by a lawyer, provided that a personal or replacement benefit has been paid to the person, or if the court finds that that person cannot be found after an appropriate effort or in the case of a person who is without Commonwealth. , the person cannot be found or his or her postal address cannot be determined after reasonable efforts. However, if an application seeks approval for a permanent contract to terminate all parental rights and obligations to the child, the parents or parents and other parties are affected. 16.1-263 a charge. The convening or publication of the hearing must clearly state the consequences of the expiry of other parental rights.