Three-Year Collective Bargaining Agreement

The right to negotiate collective agreements on behalf of workers is conferred on trade unions represented by their competent bodies or by other representative bodies empowered by workers. Executive bodies as well as employers and their organisations provide the information necessary to organize collective bargaining for trade union or representative organisations authorized by workers. Participants in the negotiations and anyone else involved in the process should not disclose to them the information they have when it comes to a matter of state security or trade secrecy. Persons The union or any other representative body authorized by workers may, in its own way, negotiate and propose and conclude, on behalf of the workers it represents, a collective agreement to protect the specific interests of the workers it represents. Addendum is an integral part of the collective agreement and has the same legal force as it does. After the deadline expires, the collective agreement remains in effect until the parties enter into a new collective agreement or amend or complete the existing collective agreement. Section 11. Parties to a collective agreement. A collective agreement is concluded between the workers, represented by one or more unions or by other representations authorized by the workers, and the employer, either directly or by its duly authorized representatives. In the event of disagreement within the joint representative body, the General Assembly (or conference) of the collective of workers adopts the draft collective agreement it deems appropriate and asks the union or any other representative body empowered by the workers who have drawn up the project to start negotiations on that basis, after approval by the general assembly (or conference). and enter into a collective agreement with the employer on behalf of the collective of workers.

In the three months prior to the expiry of or within a period of agreement, one party may inform the other party in writing of its intention to enter into negotiations for a new collective agreement or agreement. The single draft collective agreement must necessarily be submitted to workers from different branches of the company and completed taking into account observations, proposals and proposals for complements. The single project, which is complete, must be ratified by the General Assembly (or conference) of the collective of workers and signed on behalf of the workers by all members of the joint representative body. Section 25. Responsibility for non-participation in collective bargaining. Persons who represent the employer who do not participate in Dener`s negotiations to conclude, amend or complete a collective agreement or agreement who do not meet the deadline set out in paragraph 6 of this Act or who do not participate in the meetings of the relevant committee within the time frame set by the parties are liable to a fine imposed by the courts. 10 times the minimum wage per day after the deadline has expired. Section 9. Guarantees and compensation during the negotiation period.

During the negotiation period, committee participants and experts invited to participate in committee work receive samples of their core activities and receive the applicable average salary for up to three months per year, and their participation in negotiations for the purpose of calculating length of service is taken into account.