What Is A Agreement In Science

4.1 Licensee and Authorized Users may use the Licensed Material in accordance with fair dealing under copyright law. Nothing in this License shall be construed as limiting in any way the fair use rights of Licensee or an Authorized User under copyright law to use the Licensed Material. „Participant“ means any natural or legal person established in accordance with the laws of a Contracting Party and includes, but is not limited to, academies of sciences, governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities and colleges, institutes of technology, science and research centres and institutes, private sector enterprises and enterprises. The Parties shall promote, develop and facilitate cooperation activities in the field of science and technology for peaceful purposes, in areas of common interest and on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. By supporting national engagement in scientific and technological cooperation, a new STA will further improve Greece`s investment climate and promote positive models of research integrity, transparency and performance-based scientific systems. Renowned American companies are acquiring Greek science and technology startups: Microsoft acquired SoftoMotive in Athens and Applied Materials acquired Think Silicon in Patras. ANSYS has made an acquisition in Greece that leverages the expertise they have found in software and engineering. The agreement also includes a „data access addendum“ that addresses a number of issues, such as .B.